5 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Being a writer means you are vulnerable to different experiences, whether fun or hardships, along the way. There are good days wherein your writing seems so fine, you get to choose the right words, and attract your audience in a more unique and engaging way. However, there are times when you just sit there, and almost have to knock your brain to write even the lamest ideas but nothing comes at all.

The situation above is often referred to as “Writer’s Block”. This is a phenomenon where someone who likes to write in a specific moment has suddenly gone blank. It’s as if their thoughts are blocked and ideas are not flowing. Different people have a lot of opinions regarding this phenomenon as they do not really know what causes writer’s block.

Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block According to Experts

Even though there are no clear and concrete reasons as to why people experience this kind of thing, writers still believe that it doesn’t really matter, but fighting it is. In fact, the experienced writers we know are not exempted by this visitor too. Like amateur writers, they already experienced having a scenario where pen tapping becomes the only noise and music you can hear due to a shortage of ideas.

When hearing about this kind of thing, writers of all ages often worry that they might experience having one and never get to leave nor escape the situation. The good news is that a lot of good and popular writers share their amazing techniques of how to deal exactly with writer’s block. If you are excited to know some of them, read the following points below:

1.Nei Gaiman’s “Hibernation” Technique

Don’t push yourself to fight the unwanted visitor, and ignore him instead. If ever you are feeling blank and out of the mood to write, it’s okay to leave your table and try to look for different activities that you might enjoy aside from writing. It’s not a problem if you would like to take a rest for more than two days too.

Take your time and let the urge to write something haunt you down. If you are too busy with other activities, the visitor will just leave and the spirit of writing will visit you at the right time. Don’t rush things because if you force yourself to write despite the blockage you’re experiencing, your output might be susceptible to any damage or can possibly lose its quality.

2. How about Toni Morrison’s “Writing Ritual” technique?

It’s perfect to set your mood and do your usual routine before starting your scheduled writing process for the day. This idea could save you from writer’s block since it is meant to condition you in some way. When you mix that usual coffee of yours and sway to some music, then your mood will be established.

3. Mark Twain’s “Outlining” strategy

The belief of this author is to simply do an outline to guide you for a day’s work. Organization and being able to plan ahead is a great deal when it comes to writing. Twain focuses on the idea of breaking difficult tasks into smaller and easier ones. Learn how to properly distribute concepts and try to work with them using your outline.

4. John Steinbeck wants you to pretend!

Not that you will pretend for the worst, but you will do so to shake off that blank and empty feeling! Try to pretend that you’re writing not to your editors and your faceless audience, but to your friends or other loved ones. This can possibly create easy conversational writing since you’ll feel like you’re just writing a personal letter along the way. Free yourself from the pressures of writing to people who will read and judge your work, because it’ll not help at the moment.

5. Barbara Kingsolver says “Ignore and do the job!”

The author just wants you to ignore the feeling. Don’t call it by its name, for it will just amplify its strength. Continue with your goal and get the job done!

Writer’s block will remain as a true yet a mystery phenomenon for some of us. However, you have the choice to fight off the feeling and get done with it! With these helpful tips on how to overcome writer’s block, you can power through your writing tasks with ease.